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Dr. Binyamin Rothstein is a Master Osteopath who says that the foundation of health is how well you take care of your body. If you don’t eat right, take your vitamins, get plenty of rest and plenty of exercise, you may be on the road to poor health.

He is a man who practices what he preaches, and his personal favorite way of getting enough exercise is by riding a bicycle. “Bike riding is my drug of choice,” he says, with just a hint of humor. “I prefer road biking, which I do for transportation and recreation as well.”

There are many health benefits to bike riding, not the least of which is that it’s associated with improved cardiovascular fitness. Bicycle riding is good for the rest of the body, too: it tones and strengthens muscles, other than the legs such as your upper body, and regular cycling burns a lot of calories, so it’s really good for the waistline. There is one more crucial point, it is fun. When we are having fun it decreases our stress levels which in turn carry a myriad of benefits. This point is not to be overlooked, exercise should be both safe AND fun.

Beyond that, bike riding has been shown to be good for your mental health. People who use bikes for transportation, like Dr. Rothstein, have reported lower stress levels than motorists who get stuck in rush hour traffic every day, making it yet another reason to consider riding your bike to work.

Of course, bike riding, like any physical endeavor, is not without its risks.   By taking proper safety precautions, like always wearing a bike helmet and gloves, you can greatly reduce the risk of serious bike-related injury.

Binyamin Rothstein has been practicing osteopathy for more than thirty years.



About Binyamin Rothstein

Binyamin Rothstein is a Master Osteopath who says that when he first encountered osteopathy as an undergraduate student, it was a revelation to him. He committed himself to the discipline, and graduated from the Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery in 1981. As a licensed osteopath he focuses on prevention and treating the whole patient, rather than just symptoms.
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