Dr. Binyamin Rothstein Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in American Military

Osteopathic physicians in the United States have the same training and licensing as Allopathic physicians (i.e. MD’s) which includes four years of medical school followed by an internship and residency. The major difference is that D.O.’s have additional training in diagnosis and treatment using their hands (i.e. manipulation) and the philosophy that the body can heal itself once balance has been restored. Although there are Osteopathic physicians who train in non-osteopathic residencies and practice as MD’s, Dr. Binyamin Rothstein is one of a unique group of Osteopaths who specialize in using non-toxic and non-invasive techniques to create balance and healing in the body.,

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of Osteopathy, in his search to better help his patients, discovered that by re-establishing structural balance, many maladies and illnesses could be cured. The job of the physician is to create balance in the patient and enable the patient to heal himself. The advantage of the Osteopathic approach over the Allopathic approach is that there are more “tools in the toolbox.” That means that those Osteopaths that utilize their training in the use of Osteopathic Manipulative treatment can better assess when drugs and surgery are truly necessary or when a less invasive or less toxic approach will be more efficacious

Humorist and author Mark Twain placed himself squarely in the cross hairs of the American Medical Association by supporting the new medical approach, which had relieved his daughter Jean’s symptoms of epilepsy and his chronic bronchitis. The AMA’s code of ethics at that time declared it unethical for a medical doctor to associate with an osteopath and worked to discredit Osteopathy. The AMA labeled osteopathic treatment and Osteopaths as a cult. Twain spoke out in favor of licensing for osteopaths, and believers in the revolutionary medical approach began a struggle for recognition and licensing which would establish its validity as a medical treatment. Finally, in 1966, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara authorized acceptance of osteopathic physicians into medical military service on the same basis as medical doctors. Dr. Binyamin Rothstein served as a physician in the U.S. Army Medical Corps at Fort Detrick, and worked at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C.


About Binyamin Rothstein

Binyamin Rothstein is a Master Osteopath who says that when he first encountered osteopathy as an undergraduate student, it was a revelation to him. He committed himself to the discipline, and graduated from the Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery in 1981. As a licensed osteopath he focuses on prevention and treating the whole patient, rather than just symptoms.
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