Binyamin Rothstein – Treating Chronic Pain with Osteopathy

Binyamin Rothstein is an Osteopathic physician with extensive experience in treating conditions that other doctors considered incurable. He established a family practice in Baltimore in 1986, which he ran until 2005. That same year he published Brain Fog, which describes how to keep the human brain healthy for a lifetime.

“I specialize in the treatment of chronic fatigue and anxiety through my practice,,” he said. “I work closely with [my patients] to discover the causes of [their] symptoms and use a variety of individually tailored holistic treatments to get to a place of health and wellness.”

Likewise, “chronic pain’, he explains, ‘can occur anywhere in the body.” His approach incorporates the Osteopathic concept of the interaction of muscles, fascia and skeletal systems with the function of the body and mind, and how they affect the perception of pain and function.

Relieving chronic pain requires a multifaceted approach. The first step is making the proper diagnosis. Frequently people will experience chronic pain simply because the doctor is limited in diagnostic possibilities. These limitations are often due to faulty medical education where doctors are discouraged from thinking out of the box. Dr. Rothstein has found that more often than not the back has very little to do with the cause of the back pain. For example, chronic back pain can be the result of jaw tension (TMJ dysfunction), imbalances in the legs, old scars, stress (Tension Myositis Syndrome), old neck injuries, nutritional imbalances, magnesium deficiency and sometimes back pain can be due to a problem with the back such as a muscle spasm that can be so severe that it will mimic a pinched nerve.

Binyamin Rothstein is a 1981 graduate of the Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, and served three years as a physician in the United States Army.



About Binyamin Rothstein

Binyamin Rothstein is a Master Osteopath who says that when he first encountered osteopathy as an undergraduate student, it was a revelation to him. He committed himself to the discipline, and graduated from the Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery in 1981. As a licensed osteopath he focuses on prevention and treating the whole patient, rather than just symptoms.
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