Binyamin Rothstein – The Foundation of Health

Binyamin Rothstein is an Osteopathic physician who emphasizes holistic health and wellness. He has had private practices in New York and Baltimore, and also practiced medicine in Israel for several years. As of mid-2016, he is establishing a new practice in Philadelphia.

The foundation of a healthy life, he says, is how well each of us takes care of the body in which we live. “To put it bluntly,” he explains, if you don’t eat right, take your vitamins, exercise, get adequate rest and have a good rapport with your Creator, why should you be healthy?”

The old expression that you are what you eat is true. “If we feed it junk, it’s made of junk,” he says. “If it’s filled with healthy good nutrition, we will then have strong building blocks upon which we can grow and function.” He recommends avoiding sugary food and drinks, which give the brain short-term pleasure but leave you craving more. The cravings are only a small part of why these foods are bad for you.  The jolts of sugar to your brain result in decreased mental function, it suppresses immune function, makes you more susceptible to getting stressed and moody, can increase pain, and compels you to eat more of the same kinds of foods thereby depriving yourself of good nutrition.  In addition, it makes you fat, increases your chances of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer.  These things don’t necessarily happen right away, so you think that it isn’t so bad and that it won’t happen to you. This is legalized addiction, he says, and there are better choices. “It does not take long to accustom yourself to healthy alternatives when you understand the price you are paying.”

Dr. Rothstein also recommends supplementing your diet with vitamins. “Everyone needs extra vitamin C and Vitamin D. One observation I have made over the years, which I found quite surprising, is that even the inexpensive once a day vitamins like Centrum, which is a very low potency supplement, have benefited people taking it. Although I certainly prefer higher potency, better-balanced, more complete multi-vitamins, taking something is certainly better than taking nothing.”

Finally, Binyamin Rothstein recommends we all get enough exercise and sleep, and have a healthy spiritual life. “Following these basic guidelines will not guarantee perfect health, because you will still need to get your body aligned, your teeth checked and watch your weight, but without these you cannot possibly attain good health.”



About Binyamin Rothstein

Binyamin Rothstein is a Master Osteopath who says that when he first encountered osteopathy as an undergraduate student, it was a revelation to him. He committed himself to the discipline, and graduated from the Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery in 1981. As a licensed osteopath he focuses on prevention and treating the whole patient, rather than just symptoms.
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